Suburb 1 – Pierneef Park

Not all suburbs are large sprawling area’s filled with lots of roads, houses and schools. This suburb – Pierneef Park consists of 3 streets. It is a tiny suburb. Pierneef Park has a small shopping centre on one of the roads. This centre consists of a pet store, a pizza shop, a bead shop and a Greek Cheese Shop. While I was photographing the area the owner of  the Greek shop came out to ask me what I was doing. After explaining to him why I was taking photographs – he invited me into his shop to sample what he sells.  This Meze shop has been in that exact location for 13 years. His wife does all the cooking of the scrumptious authentic Greek biscuits and the marinated Greek Olives. He has a wonderful collection of cheeses, with his speciality cheese being halloumi.

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