Suburb 4 – Lonehill

Lonehill is a suburb that I knew very little about before I went to explore its streets. It was always just a sign that I drove past but now that I know it – I love this suburb. It is a suburb that really feels like a community, despite the numerous secure complexes and boomed off areas it still has an open tight knit feeling to it.

My favourite aspect of this suburb was the Lonehill Nature Reserve. It is a beautiful park/ reserve that is very well maintained and a real joy to walk in. The dam in the middle had a tree adjacent to it that was full of Sacred Ibises and Cranes roosting in it. In the background a koppie of beautiful large boulders also apart of the reserve. When I parked my car to go exploring there was a mom and her two boys who were going to play on the equipment in the playground and have a picnic with their friends. There were lots of people walking their dogs and jogging.

I loved the natural element in the suburb as well the security and community feel – I think I could live here ;).