Suburb 6 – Killarney

Killarney is a suburb I always thought I knew until I went to photograph it. What I thought was a suburb filled with only flats was so much more. While photographing the streets I was transported back to when the suburb was established in the 1930’s when the art decor trend reached South Africa (read more here). The roads are very narrow and lined with beautiful large trees forming a canopy over the road. Pigeons bob around on the ground while old flats loom over you. I never found it but apparently there is only one house in the whole suburb called Gleneagles (I will be going back to try find it)

There is a road that goes right to the top of the hill where you can see a beautiful view to Sandton and beyond, at the top of this hill I found a mass of pink and purple hydranga bushes – I have diarised to go back when they flower again.

I stumbled across a lovely little park on 2nd Avenue in the middle of the flats. Beautiful big trees, boys playing soccer and family’s enjoying the open space.