Suburb 7 – Roosevelt Park

Roosevelt Park was one of those suburbs that you drive through and never take notice of. It is what I would term a sleepy suburb, It is a suburb that exhibits a relaxed gentle feeling. There are EIGHT parks in this little suburb – EIGHT. These parks are generally located in semi circle cul de sac roads. One of these eight parks is the long narrow Franklin Roosevelt Park which is an extension of the Johannesburg Botanical gardens. At the one end of this park is a Mashi golf course – where you can go play 9 holes of golf – its no Country Club but always a fun outing.

In the one park there was a tyre swing that just spoke of a family suburb. I could imagine a loving dad building the swing for his children and then put it in the park for everyone to use and enjoy.

The one main school in Roosevelt Park is Roosevelt Primary and High School. While I was photographing the area it was school holidays and there were a few boys playing cricket in morning, it made me happy to see kids playing outside apposed to hiding behind technology.





Rooseveld High SchoolRooseveld Primary School

Rooseveld Extension Nursery

Things to do

Roosevelt Park Recreation Centre