Suburb 8 – Dunkeld West

Every suburb has their “thing”, but some are more note worthy than others. The Dunkeld West shopping centre, on Jan Smuts avenue, is a well known hub of activity in the area – with the Dunkeld Fruit and Flower shop, Fournos and my new favourite Motherland Coffee being located there.

Even though its a small suburb, Dunkeld West is an influential area with its popular shops and restaurants that are used as common meeting places for runners and cyclists.

The streets on the other side of Jan Smuts are generously tree lined and the large, often heritage styled, homes give a feeling of grandeur. 

Shops Fournos Bakery, Stax, Mica, Motherland Coffee, The Sweat Shop, Dunkeld Fruit and Flower, Petite Jewellers, Fisherman’s Deli, Jetline, M&A
Schools None
Things to Do Shopping, Eating out, Recreation in the park