Suburb 9 – Linden

Linden is one of my FAVOURITE suburbs!!! Mark my words this suburb is going to be the next “popular place”. Suburbs such as Greenside and Parkhurst will soon have Linden in their ranks. Linden is an old suburb which was originally a Peach and Cherry Orchard (how amazing would that be to have beautiful peach and cherry blossoms scenting the air – to read a bit more about the history – have a look here) There are still peach trees in the garden at Paputzis – I didn’t get there but I will be going back 🙂 Hopefully they will be in blossom.

What I love about Linden is the old suburb merged into a modern new suburb with new trendy shops such as The Whippet in Linden and The Ceramic Factory – if you would like to see more images of these beautiful shops click on their names. Another 2 amazing places that you HAVE to visit is Arthur Bales – they are an amazing fabric store selling the most beautiful fabrics and wools. Another amazing place to visit for coffee and almond croissant is the Argentinian Bakery, I still dream about that almond croissant (yummy)

If you love finding old treasures in furniture you have to go and visit a wonderful Antique store on 3rd Avenue. Here you will find beautiful pieces of all types of indoor and outdoor furniture. This suburb really feels like a place where people help each other and greet each other in the street and help people where its needed. It