Suburb 9 – Linden

Linden is one of my FAVOURITE suburbs!!! Mark my words this suburb is going to be the next “popular place”. Suburbs such as Greenside and Parkhurst will soon have Linden in their ranks.… Continue reading

Suburb 8 – Dunkeld West

Every suburb has their “thing”, but some are more note worthy than others. The Dunkeld West shopping centre, on Jan Smuts avenue, is a well known hub of activity in the area –… Continue reading

Suburb 7 – Roosevelt Park

Roosevelt Park was one of those suburbs that you drive through and never take notice of. It is what I would term a sleepy suburb, It is a suburb that exhibits a relaxed… Continue reading

Suburb 6 – Killarney

Killarney is a suburb I always thought I knew until I went to photograph it. What I thought was a suburb filled with only flats was so much more. While photographing the streets… Continue reading

Suburb 5 – Montroux

Montroux is a very small suburb near Linden. What struck me immediately when I drove through the suburb were the amount of face brick walls. I have to be honest I am not… Continue reading

Suburb 4 – Lonehill

Lonehill is a suburb that I knew very little about before I went to explore its streets. It was always just a sign that I drove past but now that I know it… Continue reading

Suburb 3 – Risidale

I am not the best person for knowing names of streets and which street is where but this Jozi 011 project is really helping me discover Johannesburg in so many different ways. 1.… Continue reading

Suburb 2 – Victory Park

Bound by Delta Park and the Braamfontein Spruit, Victory Park has a real homely village feel, which was evident when I walked the streets. With kids playing soccer in the streets and all… Continue reading

Suburb 1 – Pierneef Park

Not all suburbs are large sprawling area’s filled with lots of roads, houses and schools. This suburb – Pierneef Park consists of 3 streets. It is a tiny suburb. Pierneef Park has a… Continue reading